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Bartolome Bateman: Ten

Bartolome Bateman: Ten

The number “ten” stands for the highly accomplished duo Bartolomé Bettmann, who has been around for ten years, experimenting with new playing techniques for cello, violin and mandola and performing advanced Viennese musical art in concerts in Austria and internationally in a stunning album.

The spectrum of the musical repertoire ranges from robust rocky countryside and talented frenzied harmonies to intimate canyons and delicate cantellinas. Not only are the instruments played – especially without electronic aids – but players are also curious about the stories and emotions the instruments tell them. In this way, every time a new act is created at the level of improvisation, each party has its own dynamics and its own energy.

Any kind of acoustic vibration generation is allowed, whether it’s just by swinging an arc through the air or tapping a “known” object. How to name private creations has nothing to do with the topic and is not a characteristic of the original (“Turbohecht”, “Harnoncourt”, “Dynamo”, “Altaussee”).

The wonderful practice of art will last forever and is planned as a long-term project. As a result, their musical manifesto is constantly being re-examined and further defined. So, with unbridled strength and physical and mental activity best wishes for the next decade of an incomparable series duo.

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