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Classic meeting point Ö1: Erwin Ortner -

Classic meeting point Ö1: Erwin Ortner –

Classic Meeting Point Ö1: Erwin Ortner

Unfortunately, the choir of Arnold Schönberg and Annemarie Ortner have to cancel their participation in the program due to illness. But stay honest with us: conductor Erwin Ortner could be a good guest.

Erwin Ortner will also sit at the piano to impart to you the art of living, and make others sing in unparalleled fashion.
Of course, there are also some meticulously selected musical plays from his choir repertoire, which celebrates its fiftieth birthday in 2022.
Host Ulla Pilz and the entire Klassik-Treffpunkt editorial team are delighted that the show will be shown live on the main broadcast hall, despite the difficult times.

First, there is a 5-minute introduction to the series Live on the Road at the Broadcasting Station.
Because Doris Glaser and Albert Hosp reported six times this Saturday from different studios and other rooms: apart from the great broadcasting hall later also from the roof, far from the garden and finally from one of the so-called echo chambers in the basement of the Broadcasting House, which has long been called Historical …

Services (remains the same)
Unfortunately, the announced behind-the-scenes tours through the listed rooms of the Wiener Funkhaus are already fully booked.

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