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Seestadt Aspern's Vocal Regions - The Gap

Seestadt Aspern’s Vocal Regions – The Gap

The Territories Acoustic Festival, the experimental electronic music festival, promises this year’s “Voices of Trust and Unity.”

© Piero Kiyosi

For the fifth time, Sonic Territories invites you to an audiovisual exploration of Seestadt Aspern, where music and art will be presented in several locations over three days and evenings. This year, the festival promises “voices of confidence and unity”. When the world is on the edge – at least that’s how it feels – a little security and stability can’t hurt, that’s the thinking. Under the heading “Health”, as part of the main theme “Life is Good in the New Reality”, artists and audiences are invited to find a form of positive interaction between dissonance, harmony, and even healing.

“Growing annoyance”

The music and arts programs of 2022 grapple with growing unease while offering appeasement. Voices and performances that aim to deal with the turbulence between dissonance and harmony and reformulate it into healing”, explains Mimi Magali, the festival’s artistic director, explaining the programme.

Factory © Piero Chiussi

there around electric indigo And the Kenji Araki With evening live groups in the factory, hand for an eye, strange sounds? And much more. The daily program takes place with free admission and addresses topics such as virtual reality and digital art in performances, art research projects and experimental practice, deals with relationships between human and non-human actors*, new technologies and spirituality and explores the ‘Earth Psychology’.

the festival vocal regions It takes place from 30 June to 2 July 2022 at the Seestadt Aspern in Vienna.