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Basketball: OCS Swans defeated Gmunden Kapfenberg with 96:77

Basketball: OCS Swans defeated Gmunden Kapfenberg with 96:77

Pelican is still at its best.

GMUNDEN. The Kapfenberg Bulls were welcomed to Raiffeisen Sportpark on Friday. After a mixed start, you can quickly fight your way into the game and stand up to the aggressive Bulls Defense. However, the match remained balanced until the end of the first half. Only after changing sides could Gmunden take more and more control of the game and continue to pull away with ten points. The OCS Swans didn’t let up in the final quarter either and eventually defeated Kapfenberg 96:77.

Successful rehearsal

Just two days later, a fourth cup semi-final rehearsal against Oberwart Arsenal was on the agenda. Gmunden dominated the game from the start and pulled away quickly by ten points. From the second quarter the weak defender could no longer cope well with the Swans improving defense and the Swans continued to increase their lead. Also in the second half Gmundin dominated in all respects and won with 92:76. The two most prominent players were Orald Kingwho especially delighted fans with his cubes and cubes, and Dominic GreenWho was the top scorer with 23 points. The Oberfahrt Cup finals will take place next weekend.

If you can beat Arsenal again on Saturday, winners from BC Vienna will meet UBSC Graz in the final on Sunday.

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