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Tournament kicks off: Watch for FC Walker's Tyrolean League

Tournament kicks off: Watch for FC Walker’s Tyrolean League

In Kematen, Völs and Natters and also in the Tyrolean League that climbed to Oberperfuss, everyone is looking forward to the matches against “den Wacker”!

The events surrounding a former prominent figure in Austrian football no longer need to be detailed. The latest developments are as follows: The ÖFB Appeal Board is in line with Tyrolean Football Association As things stand, FC Wacker Innsbruck will be co-starring in the HYPO Tirol Liga, which begins next weekend.

in this league

… also known SV Baker Roots KematenThe Volser SVThe Nitrate FC Hut Doors and the SV Concrete Weber Oberperfuss Represent. The first confrontation takes place in Sixth round on August 30, where SV Kematen has to compete in the Tivoli W1 in Innsbruck. At home, FC Natters is preparing for the premiere to be held in Round 8 on September 11 to be held. It remains to be seen if the match can be played in Natters’ President’s Square. President Dietmar Lackner: “Of course we are all looking forward to this match against a prominent opponent. In the first round we will see how many fans will come to the outdoor matches and then decide the venue.” The reasons are clear: “We don’t have any problems with 50 or 60 opposing fans. But if 500 comes, it’s beyond our ability and we have to think about something.”

Oberberf Football Festivals

…you must find a sequel to Climber. in Round 10 on September 25 The game in Oberperfuss is in the program, and one thing is certain here as well: the “Oberperfer Hütte” is packed every time the locals play and it can also be too tight to oppose the hundreds here. Chairman Matthias Wejscheder also wants to wait and see how the situation develops. An alternative to Kemater Stadion may be an option, but it’s not yet ready for a decision. But the referees are emphasizing one thing in unison: “It would be absurd to play these big matches behind closed doors. We are looking forward to FC Wacker Innsbruck and hopefully there will be solutions and great matches with many fans.”
Völser SV only happens in the penultimate autumn tour October 22 away against FC Walker.

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Dialogue with Walker fans

Arno Bucher, President of SV Bäcker Ruetz Kematen and Vice-President of the Tyrolean Football Association, hopes for great sporting moments: “We had good experiences with FC Wacker in Kematen. Of course, you have to take into account that the capabilities in small pitches are not enough to be able to Dealing with a large crowd. We will also enter into dialogue with FC Wacker fans and try to create the best possible conditions together.”

Start breaking the derby

Aside from the ‘FC Wacker’ theme, there is already a first cracking derby at the start of the Tyrolean League. SV Kematen welcomes you to Friday, July 29 at 7.30 pm Neighbors from Vols. The Oberperfer also presents the premiere of the Tyrolean League Friday at 6:30 pm In Münster and Natters happens on Saturday 30.7. It’s 6 pm in Serfaus versus the one there game community.
Other derbies in this section:
Oberperfuss-Natters (Round 4, August 19), Völs-Natters (Round 9, September 17), Kematen-Natters (Round 11, September 30), Völs – Oberperfuss (Round 11, October 1) and Kematen-Oberperfuss (Round 13 , 16.10.).

More games

* In the regional league, SPG Axams/Grinzens and SV Raiba Götzens were among the nominees based on their performance in the previous season (3rd and 4th places). Götzens has am 30.7. (17 o’clock) Against Tarrenz in the home match, while SPG is also 30.7 at 5 pm He must make a long trip to Galtür to ​​choose Paznaun.
Side note: The fans will have to wait a long time for the big derby again this year. The direct duel takes place only in the penultimate round on October 15 at Götzen.

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SPG Axams/Grinzens and SV Raiba Götzens play again in the regional league this year.

* First Division FC Sellrain was promoted to the county league in second place, but met your “old acquaintances” in the first round. In the July 31 at 4 p.m. Comes with the SPG Mieminger Plateau Mr. and ‘Fellow Climber’ at Melach Arena.

The two top-flight promotion teams meet in the first game of the District League: Sellrain vs. Mieminger Plateau.

* Ib teams from Natters and Völs are back in the same league – but the second division middle class begins 26/27. August. Also in this league, FC Wacker Innsbruck is waiting for the Ib – always assuming that division stays the same.

Launching overview:

Hippo Tyrol League:
Monster – Oberberfuss
Friday, 29.7. 6.30 pm, Monster
Kematen – First Vols
Friday, 29.7, 7.30 p.m., Kematen
Brutz / Servius – i chatter
Saturday, 30.7. 6 p.m., Servius

Western League District:
idols – Tarence
Saturday, 30.7. , 5 pm, jotzens
Baznaun – SPG Axams / Grinzens
Saturday, 30.7. 5 p.m., Galtür

Domestic League:
Sellrain . Valley – Miming Plateau
Sunday, 31.7. , 4 p.m., Sellrain