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Battlefield 2042 finally gets the scoreboard!  More updates to come

Battlefield 2042 finally gets the scoreboard! More updates to come

Battlefield (2021) Insider-News. – (c) EA, dice; Build Montage: Daily Gym

Whether this news comes too late or the long-awaited salvation is up to the players themselves. But Dice Talk again and immediately a torrent of baggage changes. Next to score board which in the end Battlefield 2042 Going down, there should now also be XP for portal matches and a few more patches to follow.

Finally the Battlefield 2042 scoreboard!

When it comes to the current home shooter game Dice It hasn’t looked so good lately. The news was quiet and even popular content creators were wondering why the developers weren’t heard. Of course, there was also a well-deserved Christmas holiday for employees in between. But the silence remains for weeks.

Now the developers are back from the lull period and are reporting with many updates. Perhaps the most anticipated feature in Battlefield 2042 Is that score board. Just to see how you did in general that round. In addition to the score, players also wished from the start that the XP collected in the portal game mode would be valid for the entire game. This feature will finally enter the game.

Various updates coming in the next few weeks

Tomorrow on January 20, 2022, the first of three updates will already be rolled out, likely in the next few weeks. the score board It will be in the first week of February Battlefield 2042 chest. What other patch notes are to come is currently unknown. But Dice He pledges to take care of various performance issues and respond to lots of player feedback in general. Now remains to be seen.

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