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Battlefield 2042 soundtrack details released

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1 releases today

Electronic Arts announces that update 3.1 from Battlefield 2042 The live broadcast will start today, December 9th.

In a new blog post, the development team tackled a number of updates, as well as game balance changes and general improvements.

Below is a summary of the main expected changes:

  • Bullet hit recording improvements
  • Balance changes to projectile dispersal and recoil
  • Fixed a rare issue where a player could appear invisible to enemies
  • Several bugs related to grenades and rocket launchers have been fixed
  • Menu streaming improvements for Xbox players to make it easier to disable cross-play
  • Multiple audio enhancements to intensify the overall audio experience, emphasizing clarity, distance, and directional perception
  • Other counterbalance changes to the 30mm, 40mm and 57mm guns for ground vehicles to reduce their effectiveness against infantry

More current information about the patch rollout and future updates can be found at Twitter or in Developer Blog.

A full overview of the latest patch and all changes can be found in the official Blog post.

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