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Beatrice Egli Reacts to Love Rumors

Beatrice Egli Reacts to Love Rumors

Among other things, Beatrice Egli welcomed Andreas Gaballier to her show.Photo: dpa / Jörg Carstensen

A moment from the “Beatrice Egli Show” especially caught the attention of the audience: the host spontaneously accepted the “folk rock player” Andreas Gabalier, who was invited as a guest. The love rumors broke out immediately, but neither of the two has commented on it – until now. Now the 33-year-old is making allegations Instagram.

Love rumors again: Beatrice Egli with a clear announcement

“Relationship Status: Self-Love,” Beatrice Egli wrote in her new social media post, noting that she is still single. So maybe a kiss with a Jabbalier was ultimately harmless. Last year, there were rumors of an affair between Egli and Florian Celebration, which eventually led to both being nullified.

By the way, the singer put #ganzegal under the post as a hashtag, based on one of her songs. At the same time, it could also refer to the rumors of the past few days after the TV kiss.

On stage, Egli announced and commented on Gabale’s performance in an almost cheerful manner. “Now comes a unique man,” she said, for example, before his performance. And then she said: I won’t let him go!

Beatrice Egli thanks her fans

Anyway, the former ‘DSDS’ winner is now getting plenty of encouragement from her followers for her announcement in the comments. “The only case you need”So writes “Bergdoctor” Ronga Forcher, for example. On the other hand, the male fan is sure: “A woman like you will definitely find the man of her dreams at some point.” Finally, this user raves, “You radiate so much positivity and optimism and I like that so much in you!”

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Then the singer took up the topic of self-love again on her Instagram story, where she thanked her for the positive feedback. Egley wrote, “Love this community here! The cute comments I sent yesterday about self-love were great” fans return. In addition, she shared many of the messages she had received in the previous hours as evidence.

Beatrice Egli shows some messages from her fans.

Beatrice Egli shows some messages from her fans.Photo: beatrice_egli_official / instagram