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Anniversary Show - 50 Years: The State Gallery Celebrates Lots of Art

Anniversary Show – 50 Years: The State Gallery Celebrates Lots of Art

No sooner had the image display to celebrate the centenary of Burgenland been removed and wandered around until the next big Christmas in the Landesgalerie was celebrated at the Eisenstadt Cultural Center – that is, yours: 50 Years of the Landesgalerie and Ten Years of the Landesgalerie The site in KUZ was the celebration. Followed by many companions prominent artists.

Opened by Verena Dunst, Speaker of the State Parliament, and Barbara Weissen-Hallwachs, Managing Director of Kulturbetriebe, the gallery, curated by Margit Frolich and Petra Werkowitz, spans several decades of artistic creativity in Burgenland, which is traced to the opening in conversation with director Theresia Gabriel.

Looking back on bad times

The exhibition in the 1950s gallery embodies the spirit of 1970s optimism in photographs and sculptures, and the big names of the scene are represented here. The early days of the State Gallery in Esterházy Palace and the time of the exhibition in the former stables during the vernissage are remembered as well as the initiator closely related to the early developments: Feri Zotter, the painter and “visionary”, who not only founded the State Gallery, but also launched the artists’ village Neumarkt an der Raab with the Secretary of State at the time, Alfred Schmiller.

Feri Zotter plays a major role in the current show. Petra Wierkowitz has brought the “Spirit of Neumarkt” with her as the current director of the artists’ village – on the bus from southern Burgenland, with which a number of people from the area traveled to the Vernissage district of Eisenstadt. In line with the motto: “Always together!” This fits well with the Burgenland art scene.

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