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Because of Anna Ermakova – Lusin sees a change in a person

Because of Anna Ermakova – Lusin sees a change in a person

Valentin Lusin and Anna Ermakova in the final of the RTL show.Photo: Joshua Summer/Getty Images


Emky Gerets

The grand finale of “Let’s Dance” will take place on May 19. Three dancing couples can still dream of the big title. Julia Biotics, Philip Bowie and Anna Ermakova will be there. The latter in particular is one of the absolute favorites to win. The Baker’s daughter manages to inspire the jury and audience week in and week out. From time to time there have been criticisms, but the model has never quivered about moving forward.

Anna continued to thank Valentine for the elaborate choreography. Finally, the two dance a Viennese and contemporary waltz. The final dance, in particular, was praised by the jury team. Motsi Mabuse said that the Valentine’s dances were “the best ever”. Renata Lussen has spoken out now and has been candid about the change she’s seeing in her husband.

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Renata Lusin with an honest assessment of Valentin

Renata Lusin has now spoken with “celebrity flashAbout Valentine’s performance this season. The professional dancer herself was only intermittently in “Let’s Dance” this year. It was said at first that she was expecting a baby, and shortly thereafter broke the sad news that the 35-year-old had miscarried one of them. She looked on. To Valentine she said now: “I hardly recognize my husband this year. Actually, I’m the ambitious and hard-working person. But what Valentine’s doing this year is incredible.”

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She knew that Valentine and Anna would tirelessly rehearse the perfect choreography. “I envy them for winning a lot,” Renata confirmed. Even if she isn’t coaching a celebrity this year, she told CelebrityGate, Valentine makes her feel like she’s there. And also: “I’m glad I don’t have to train 11 hours a day. It’s okay to take a year off.”

Renata Lusin will be on the dance floor at the end.

Renata Lusin will be on the dance floor at the Instagram/Renata Lusin

However, Renata has already been seen in one of the openers of the current season. There is also a surprise in the finale of “Let’s Dance”. The now professional dancer revealed on Instagram that she was allowed to dance a small part with Anna in the latest live show. “I can’t wait,” she said. Renata confirmed that she was indeed very excited and “her heart is already beating at 200”.