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Travel time – Austria: Salzburg – Travel time

Travel time – Austria: Salzburg – Travel time

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In this issue of Reisezeit, Sasa Schwarzjirg travels to Salzburg, Mozart’s hometown. On a boat tour in Salzach, Sasa meets Captain Anna Perer and learns from her interesting facts about the captain’s job and interesting things about the town, which will be explored in this episode of Reisezeit. The Castle Railway takes you to Hohensalzburg Castle. It was once built as a defensive structure, and later became the seat of government, a place for royal audiences and social receptions. “The Spirit of Mozart” accompanies Sasa Schwarzerg for a walk through the city. Inez Rachel de Hoog knows the city and the art on offer like no other. Modern artwork can be found everywhere in the Old Town on the Modern Art Walk. Water is an equally important issue in the city. Franz Grammer bakes bread according to the old tradition and using a windmill, and young and old have the perfect wave in the place. Inka Minimayr shows Sasa what it’s like to surf downtown. Special art can be experienced in the puppet theatre. Artistic director Philip Brunner explains how the Muppets are played. Up to four people are required for just one doll move! Leon Freiberger has devoted himself to a different art. Design hats. His creations were also part of an opera performance at the Salzburg Festival. Sasa Schwarzgerg is allowed to put his hand on a hat in his workshop.

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