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Beethoven gave the Philharmonic and the Baden Steroparty a cross »Leidersent

Beethoven gave the Philharmonic and the Baden Steroparty a cross »Leidersent

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| 06/11/2023

This year, the city of Baden and the artistic director, Herbert Fischer, decided to create something completely new for the opening of the Days of Roses.

There was something completely new about the opening of the Days of Roses this year. The City of Baden and Artistic Director Herbert Fischerauer chose to stage a crossover concert with the Beethoven Philharmonic and the Baden Steroparty, including a guest appearance by Volksoper star Juliette Khalil.

With this decision, the organizers not only showed a golden touch, but also emphasized Baden’s status as the cultural capital of Lower Austria with a strong exclamation mark, according to what was broadcast.

Even with the opening number, opening on Mozart’s The Magic Flute, nearly 2,500 guests were captivated by the perfect interplay of the classical cast and rock formations. Accompanied by a harmonious light show and incorporated into the professional arrangements of Christoph Huber, whose direction also bore much soul and enthusiasm, the musicians gave a concert in an hour-and-a-half evening show, in which literally no one was kept in their seats.

At the end of the evening you can see a sea of ​​people dancing in the square in front of the orangery, who engulf the Rosarium in a single sea of ​​lights with the encore “Weus’d a Herz hast wie a Bergwerk”.

ledersent He was at the concert. There are impressions here.

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