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A small memory – the fifth “Organ Summer” in St. Martin’s

A small memory – the fifth “Organ Summer” in St. Martin’s

Saturday 1 July: Christian Stigler plays Bach, Hasse, Levibur Fili, and others

Saturday, July 8: Christoph Naschlager plays Bach, Brixi, Buxtehude, Fischer, Krebs, Speth

Saturday 15 July: Johannes Kuntner plays Bach and Bach

Saturday 22 July: Karl Fager and Friends play the recorder, percussion, renaissance trombone, carafe, and organ

Saturday 29 July: Julian Garris-Waldberg stars as Moffat, Bach, Capek, and Regé in “Te Deum Laudamus.”

Saturday, August 5: Friedrich Böll plays the works of Scheidemann, Neuenhaber and others

Saturday 12 August: Walter Gutdeutch stars as Bach, Panihashmi (world premiere), Bruns and Swelink

Saturday 19 August: Peter Donuser stars as Heller, Hindemith, and Bach

Saturday 26 August: Christian Bauer plays under the title “The Spirited Bach, Christian Healer?”

Saturday, September 2: Gernot Scheidelberger plays Camillo Schumann’s Organ Sonata

Saturday 9 September: Erin Adtmaier and Yi Ting Wu Mittermaier, Program to Follow

Saturday 16 September: Private concert “In Memoriam Reinhold Gabriel” by Handel, Telemann and others

All concerts take place in Saint Martin’s Parish on Saturdays at 12 noon.

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