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Behind the Queen: Young Britons respect Harry and Meghan

Behind the Queen: Young Britons respect Harry and Meghan

Do you have to worry about your reputation? Prince Harry (36) and his wife Megan Herzogen (39) He made a big decision last year: You Leave the UK and moved to the United States. That brought them a lot of notoriety in the UK, especially from royal fans – after all, it was a vote against the royal family! But a survey among young Britons could now offer better prospects: Because there it ended up with a Sussex vehicle right behind it Queen Elizabeth II. (95)!

In the charity vote trunk 4 Dedicated young people from the UK were asked which personalities they respected most. The Queen came first: 25% voted for Head of State. But behind Harry, with 22 percent of the vote, and his wife Meghan, with 21 percent, in third place. It is clear that the young British were so well received that the couple questioned the structures of the monarchy a little.

Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (39) He ended up behind California by choosing: By 10 and 11 percent, they fell in the rankings Bill Gates (65) The Prime Minister Boris Johnson (57). In many polls across all age groups, Harry was lagging behind his brother William.

Queen Elizabeth II in June 2021
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry
Prince William and Duchess Kate in Fife, 2021
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