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Love reunion: Travis Scott fought for Kylie Jenner

Love reunion: Travis Scott fought for Kylie Jenner

This comeback of love recently caused a lot of joy: after two years of their separation Travis Scott (29) and Kylie Jenner (23) apparently couple again. Together with a little daughter Stormy Webster (3) The lovebirds attended a charity event – and posed very familiar on the red carpet. It seems that daring the two to make a second try was especially important to the rapper: Travis fought for a long time Kilis heart!

An insider has spoken about it now he is! News Outside: “Travis is very fond of Kaylee And you will do everything for her and storms to do. He really wanted it and had been trying for weeks! “ The entrepreneur wants to give the relationship a second chance for her daughter – and loves seeing the musician as a father.

According to another source, they are supposed to do just that Travis And the Kaylee In the past few months – and finally picking up where they left off completely in 2019. “We’ve slept together again so much”The detective confirmed.

Travis Scott, August 2019
Kylie Jenner, Entrepreneur
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
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