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Benedick Horvath: Bach: The Goldberg Variations

Benedick Horvath: Bach: The Goldberg Variations

BWV 988 Bach’s “Goldberg Variations” achieved great early fame and continue to fill popular artists’ charts to this day. According to tradition, the cycle of Variations was arranged 300 years ago by Count Hermann Carl von Keyserlingk, one of Bach’s protégés, for his immensely talented harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, so that the Count could “cheer a little on his late nights”.

When listening to the latest recording of Variations, one will certainly not suffer from insomnia. Hungarian pianist Benedek Horvath went into seclusion during times of epidemic in order to penetrate the Baroque master’s formal and structural study works down to the last note.

The deep exploration of each theme demands the full attention and staggering pursuit of Bach’s creative ability in the silent path of flowing musical streams. You can dream and delve into the beautiful solo piano theme, and think you are on a historical journey through 32 landscapes with natural imagery from a quieter time.

For me, Goldberg’s Variations always convey the meditative showering of the soul, as if detached from all troubles, as can only be experienced through the magic of any music. By the way, if you compare the long-form recording of Goldberg’s work with the current one, you will be able to find much more moody features.

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