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Best Plum and Spänling Spirits: Prize from the Brennereidorf Stanz Association on April 15th

Best Plum and Spänling Spirits: Prize from the Brennereidorf Stanz Association on April 15th

The Brennereidorf Stanz Association with approximately 60 Stanz members near Landeck, Grins, Landeck, Pians and Tobadill again did brandy tastings including a prize. On 15 April, the medals were presented in the presence of former Governor Gunther Blatter at the Community Hall in Grins.

“The best plum in the world”

a smile. (Lizzy). The president of the association Brennereidorf Stanz, Markus Auer, initially reported on the history of the association. A newspaper article about a prize for exotic schnapps led to the idea that the focus should be more on the local plum and Spänling and that more attention should be paid to these two schnapps again. “We decided to devote ourselves to theory,” says Marcus Auer, for example about the seminars attended. The first successes came very quickly, including state awards. “We’ve got the best plums in the world here, we’ve got to make something out of it,” remains the approach of the association, which now has nearly 60 members and whose jurors have been specially trained. Awards for best plum and spinning spirits are now awarded using a complex evaluation process. A total of seven jurors decide in four days of Tischen, Markus Auer explains the regional selection: “Only we can judge how our brandy should taste. The jurors train at least four evenings for plum brandy and at least two for Spänlingbrandy. The jurors also face double rehearsals , which they don’t recognize, but have to evaluate it both times, the classification process is of course anonymous.

National and international successes

“After a few years of bankruptcy, last year was a great year,” Marcus Auer sums up Fruity’s last year. He is particularly pleased with the excellent performance of his distilleries at the national and international levels. At various trade fairs such as the Wieselburg Schnaps Awards or Destillata, some members of the association have done an excellent job – including Bernhard Leitner, Alfred Fleckenstein, Helmut Pfeifer, the boss Markus Auer himself or Josef Schimpfössl and many others. “We are proud of the products of our region,” Markus Auer confirms with his wish: “Our dream is to get closer to gastronomy and commercial operations, but we are often a prophet in our country.” Tobadiller Wolfgang Ganahl (2x gold, 4x silver), to pianner Helmut Pfeifer (4x gold, 2x silver), Benjamin Pfeifer (1x gold), to pianner Melichar family (1x silver), to Thomas Auer from Quadratsch (1x silver), Stefan Spiss From Grins he received a bronze medal, Bernhard Prantauer, who, like Stefan Spiss, participated for the first time, took silver. Other medals went to Stefan Mongenast (1x bronze), Thomas Leitner (3x gold, 3x silver), Bernhard Leitner collected seven gold (!), Alfred Fleckenstein took home 4x gold, 3x silver and 2x bronze Mayor Grinner Franz Benedikt (5x gold, 5x silver). Pierced Burners Received: Stefan Wörz (1x Gold, 1x Silver), Lena Walch (1x Bronze), Geli Schimpfössl (3x Silver), Andreas and Thomas Reheis (1x Silver, 1x Bronze), Franz Josef Lechleitner (1x Silver, 2x Bronze ), Franz Kössler (1x bronze), Rudolf Juen (1x gold, 1x silver), honorary member Franz Gruber (1x gold), young distiller Florian Auer (1x gold) and chairman Markus Auer (8x gold, 1x silver). The medals were presented by former provincial governor Gunther Plater, who remarked that he was very impressed with the district’s gourmet spirits. The biggest prize, crystals, went to Bernhard Leitner in all three categories (in the pure plum, cuvée and spänling plum categories).

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