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Silver fire brigade radio performance badge: 22 new silver-plated radio operators from the Steyr region Country and city

Steyrland / Steyr / Linz. On Friday, April 14, 2023, the 43rd competition for the Fire Service Radio Performance Badge in silver took place at the Austrian Higher School of Fire Services in Linz.

450 comrades from Upper Austria performed the FKAE Performance Test – Radio, Communications and Tasks in Operational Control – Silver. Among them are 16 comrades from Steyrland and 7 from Steyr. 168 judges ensured the correct procedure and assessment.

A prerequisite for participation in this competition is the successfully completed Radio Course – a multi-day training course followed by the successfully completed audition for the Bronze Radio Performance Badge, which must be at least one year in advance. This ensures that you get to deal with the subject over a longer period of time, thus enhancing your knowledge and skills.

In Steyrland this year Christoph Ebbenberger FF Garsten, Christian Schmidthaler FF Sand, Louis Kronsteiner FF Sand, Maximilian Kurz FF Neusug, Johann Paulus FF Dietach, Christian Group FF Pechleren, Rene Schenkenmayer FF Pechleren, Florian Frischlag pf Wolvern Shark Sebastian Burgsteiner FF Schättleten, Lukas Burgsteiner FF Bad Hall, Martin Bernreiter FF Gross-Ramming, David Maderthaner FF Sand, Julia Kirschbaumsteiner FF Gross-Ramming and Michelle Huber FF Heilbern participated in this audition and all passed this competition. Congratulations on the “white flag” in Steyrland County.

In the Steyr Stadt district took place this year Oliver Neumann, Patrick Ecker, Gregor Brünmeyer, Marcel Krech, Eric Gruber, Matthias Ecker and Rene Bracher at this audition, unfortunately one of Steyer’s comrades did not audition.
Information about Radio Performance Competitions (FULA)

The Radio Performance Competition has been part of the Radio and Communications subject area since 1973. It serves to continue, deepen and perfect radio training. The Radio Performance Competition is run in 3 stages, bronze, silver and gold as an exclusive state competition at the State Fire School in Linz. There are five stations to master at each performance level.

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Bronze competition majors
1. Questions
2. Carter
3. Message delivery
4. Wireless trigger in emergency vehicle
5. Practical work with the ‘alarm plan’

Silver competition majors
1. Questions
2. Carter
3. Message delivery
4. The radio operator is in the Operations Control Center
5. Practical work with the “water map”

Competition controls of gold

1. Questions
2. Carter
3. Message delivery
4. Radio operator in the operations center
5. “Run/Exercise Plan”

In a radio performance competition, everyone is on their own, and it is the individual performer who is important in mastering the tasks. The competitions allow fire brigade radio operators – depending on their level of training in radio communications – to demonstrate their achievements in the form of this test.

Photos: Christian Zauner, LFK OÖ and BFK SE