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Elon Musk is building an artificial intelligence company

Elon Musk is building an artificial intelligence company

Elon Musk She has a company in Nevada by the name of X.AI , according to the US Government Corporation Database. Musk and his chief of staff are responsible Jared Birchall included.

about that already March 9th The companies registered with the “Wall Street Journal” on Saturday evening mentioned. In the past few days, indications of Musk’s increased activity in the field of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence / artificial intelligence) have accumulated. That’s what they mentioned “Financial Times” on Friday that he had already found investors in a new artificial intelligence company.

It is said that Musk has already purchased thousands of graphics cards from Nvidia. This technology is often used for applications based on artificial intelligence. Musk played it down in a recent interview: Everyone was buying a lot of graphics cards.

At the same time, Musk publicly warns of the dangers of software with artificial intelligence, and was one of the high-profile signatories of an open letter at the end of March, six months in length. development break It is proposed for technology.

Currently, the text machine chatGoogle’s competitor programme cold In addition, software that can generate images based on text descriptions has caused a stir. At the same time, there are concerns that their skills could be used, for example, to produce and spread disinformation. ChatGPT formulates texts by estimating the probability that a sentence will continue word for word.