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Best WhatsApp sayings for April Fools joke

Best WhatsApp sayings for April Fools joke


April 1, 2022 – 8:06 hour

april april….

Generally, on April 1st, you should be skeptical about friends and family communication because that might be an April Fools joke. However, in most cases they are funny moments. We have compiled the best April 1st sayings and jokes for WhatsApp for you.

A little joke that keeps friendship true?

  • Perfect for colleagues and classmates: “Aren’t you at the meeting? Everyone is already here and waiting for you!” or “How did you find the exam this morning?” More shocking “I’m terrified of the exam tomorrow – did I study enough?”
  • For the partner: “Our daughter / son is having a baby!”
  • Or even better: “You just found out your girlfriend is pregnant. When is your due date?”
  • In the WhatsApp family group: “The material was really good. I’ll take twice as much this time. Same place as usual. See you later.” A little later “Wrong chat! Just ignore…”
  • For good friends: “You’re really too fake! Now I have to find out from others, I think we trust each other. I really feel like I’m being sarcastic. We talk a lot and don’t tell me! When you want to tell me.. that (insert favorite store here) might Got such good offers again?
  • Also works well: “I know! I really know everything! And you don’t even have to call me!” The person will likely call. Then quickly on the phone “April, April!” Call
  • With the message “It was a wonderful night with you.” You can either deceive your acquaintances who have recently drunk more than they are thirsty or deceive your partner by pretending to mix chats. Attention: only suitable for humorous partners!
  • This secret message is only read inverted: “H) IP 383! 7 h) IP 77! MH (IP 6VW H)!”
  • Why not turn the tables and embarrass the other after an April Fools joke with this saying? “In jokes and games one often speaks the truth.”
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Some rumors to smile about are allowed on April 1st

April 1st is the only day of the year when people think twice about whether what they read on the internet is true. That’s why you can (almost) safely spread what’s called “fake news” among friends and families, as long as you do so with good humor. Here are some examples:

  • Hey, did you know that athlete XY is back for a season and is now playing for club XY?
  • Celebrity XY Shop Nearby – Hurry Up!
  • So sad (a celebrity or couple you both know) broke up!
  • I can finally announce it! I’m a contestant for the upcoming season (insert your favorite TV show here). Everyone please tune in!

Important of course: In the end the joke must be resolved clearly “April, April”!

April Fools’ Day that also works well on WhatsApp

  • Broken your screen app: Claim using screenshot from this app that your screen is cracked and send it to friends in a panic. Look forward to the funny reactions, because in reality, of course, you can never picture a cracked screen.

  • fake block: Set their WhatsApp status to “User blocked you” and remove your profile picture. Guaranteed angry friends! Let’s see who falls for this mean ploy.

  • early delay: Write to a contact stating that you will unfortunately be late and then come too early. So who do you think you’ll meet in pajamas on April 1st?

  • Fake WhatsApp chat history: This number is suitable for true prank professionals. There are special applications for this. You can create a chat history that never happened and confuse friends by showing them fake messages

These little April jokes are suitable for WhatsApp status:

  • Put the status: “Dear phone user, you just made a huge mistake and read a completely useless status!”
  • Send friends to the eye doctor with: “If you read this case twice If you read this case twice, you urgently need to go to the doctor and go to the doctor.”
  • Announcing the status of your alleged new relationship – this causes a lot of confusion in the social environment.

Here we explain where the April Fools joke comes from and in which countries it is especially popular.