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Cologne's landscaping served only birds: here the Lindenstraße is demolished |  regional

Cologne’s landscaping served only birds: here the Lindenstraße is demolished | regional

cologne – In the end only birds lived in the buildings. Now “Lindenstrasse” in Cologne is being demolished.

Two years after the end of the ARD series, the excavators arrived at the production site in Cologne-Bocklemond. They completely cut out the outer background. The house in which Mother Beamer lived, among other things, has already disappeared. According to the World Development Report, the rest should follow by the end of April.

The street and its famous sign still exist: actress Marie-Louis Marjan (“Mother Beimer”) and actor Moritz Sachs (“Klaus Beimer”) in “Lindenstrasse”

Photo: Roberto Vail / D

For demolition work, concrete or wooden structures were first destroyed. The trim, windows and company signs have been dismantled and disposed of. Bats, house sparrows and bats have nested in it, but it is said that they disappeared shortly before work began.

The supermarket also disappeared

The Naro supermarket has also disappeared.

Photo: Ludolf Dahmen / dpa

The built street with apartment buildings, supermarket, Bayer Café and Acropolis restaurant was a familiar sight for fans of this chain. However, the apartments, in which many dramas took place, were located in a large hall and were long ago dismantled.

After all: some parts of the interior landscape are in museums. Helga Beimer’s kitchen, for example, can be seen in Bonn’s House of History. In the green area, which will now be created in the “Lindenstraße” area, the WDR wants to create a house to protect the species as an alternative living space for the animals.