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Better photos: five insider tips about mid-flight

Better photos: five insider tips about mid-flight

More and more people are using AI-based image generators, and even Der Spiegel has recently used them to create a cover photo. We’ll show you five secret techniques of the famous Midjourney tool.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, some tools have emerged in particular and are now being used by many people around the world. Image AI Midjourney is one such program.

However, Midjourney is not that easy to use and some of the features are well hidden. So we’re going to show you five tricks that will make your AI-generated photos even better.

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Tip 1: Delete ugly photos

Unfortunately, the “X” for deleting photos is well hidden.

Image: Image: Screenshot

If you don’t like a photo, there’s no need for it to stay in your gallery forever. With a simple command you can delete any created image.

To do this, simply right-click the image, click “Add Reaction,” and type an “X” into the search box. Then click the red X and the photo will be deleted.

But watch out: The photos can no longer be recovered after that. Therefore, just remove the generated content that you no longer need.

Tip 2: Use reference photos

The combination of two images works fairly reliably in Midjourney.

Image: Image: Screenshot

If you find any beautiful images on the internet and would like to incorporate them into Midjourney, you need to download the images first and send them to your Discord chat.

If you now right-click on an image, you will see the option at the bottom of the options bar that opens to copy a link. Copy both image links into a prompt and the AI ​​will instantly create a blend of both images.

But you can also use a reference image in relation to the router and tell the AI ​​how to adjust it. Again, paste the link at the beginning of the command.

Try it online

Tip 3: Use seeds to mimic patterns

Seeds are a simple way to copy existing patterns

Photo: Photo: chip screen shot

Every now and then Midjourney presents photos in a very sweet style. However, which option can also be imitated is relatively unknown. To copy the pattern, it must be under the selected image with emoji envelope react.

You can find this by searching for “envelope”. The midjourney bot will send you a private message with a “seed” attached. It appears to be a random sequence of numbers but it is odd.

Now, to mimic the template style, you need to append the following to the end of the vector after a space:

– Seed 1234567890

You can also use this trick on photos from other Midjourney users to mimic their work.

Tip 4: Forbid some things

In the second picture we ban flowers – Medjourney handed us.

Photo: Photo: Created with Midjourney

If you don’t want certain objects or colors in your image, you can prevent Midjourney from doing so with a command. To do this, you just need to enter the command into your prompt –no Write down the colors or things that should not be used. At best, the AI ​​is now abandoning the set standard.

However, practice shows that this does not always work out perfectly. However, the probability is higher that “forbidden” elements will not be generated in the image.

Tip 5: Weight the elements of the image

Depending on the look you want, you may have to experiment with a little weighting.

Photo: Photo: Created with Midjourney / Patrick Hannemann

Midjourney can also weigh colors or objects. You specify the relative proportion in which you should appear in the image. To create such a weight, you must put a comma after or during your prompt and label a color or element, for example:

  • prompt, blue::4 yellow:1
  • wave, clouds:: 3, birds:: 1

So put a colon after the term and write any number as the relative weight. Now write the next color or element, the colon and the second relative weight.

The higher the number, the greater the importance in creating images. You can do this with any number of numbers.

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