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Biden and Putin’s presidential flights are like that

The world is watching the first meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. But on what machines do heads of state actually travel to Switzerland? Worth seeing the fancy plane.

Among the long-standing differences of opinion, principals United States And Russia, Joe Biden And Vladimir Putin, Met for a summit in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday afternoon. This is the first private meeting between the two heads of state since Biden took office in January. Putin landed in Lake Geneva in the afternoon and immediately left for the conference venue. The U.S. president arrived in Brussels on Tuesday and arrived at the summit after Putin.

The meeting prioritizes the security officials of the two heads of state. The equipment of the respective plane on which the two politicians arrive is particularly interesting.

What is Joe Biden traveling on?

The President of the United States usually travels with “Air Force One”. This machine is used exclusively for biden transport. With the “United States of America”, the American flag and the seal of the President of the United States, it is globally obscure. According to the White House, a special feature of the aircraft is that it can be refueled with air.

“Air Force One”: Machine takes US President A to B (Source: Yves Herman / Reuters)

So the machine has an unlimited range. In addition, the on-board electronics are protected from electromagnetic stimuli. In the event of an attack, “Air Force One” is equipped with a mobile command center.

What does it look like inside?

According to the US government, 370 square meters in three levels are available to the president, his staff and comrades. The president has a spacious suite with an office, toilet and conference room. There is also an operating room for medical emergencies. So a doctor will always be on board. Both kitchens can cater for up to 100 passengers at a time.

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Conference Hall "The plane of the American president".  (Quell: Image Images / Zuma Wire)“Air Force One” Conference Hall. (Source: Zuma Wire / Image Image)

Air Force One also caters to the President’s entourage, including senior advisers, intelligence officers, travel magazines and other guests. This engine is usually loaded with several cargo planes, among others, with the President’s automobile train.

What is Vladimir Putin traveling on?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is also traveling in a very luxurious plane. It is a “Ijusin-96-300”, one of four presidential aircraft. The Air Force Rossija, the state agency responsible for the aviation of the most important Russian government representatives under the umbrella of the presidential administration, all “New Zurcher Jeetung” report. So the engine will always be with the regiment of fighter aircraft.

Il-96-300: This machine is available for travel to the Russian President.  (Source: Image Images / Ithar-Toss)Il-96-300: This machine is available for travel to the Russian President. (Source: Itar-Toss / Image Images)

As a result, only 29 of the Russian wide aircraft Il-96-300 were built between 1993 and 2009. Only a few models are currently used in civil aviation, none of them Russia.

Putin’s aircraft also serves as a mobile command center and has specialized communication systems. It also has its own missile defense.

No official information from inside

What appears inside the machine is not officially described, but there are records. These feature luxurious decor in the neoclassical style, gold fittings in the bathroom and doors, pale leather seats and wood trim.

The flight will have a study and conference room, a bedroom with a double bed, a small weight room and a kitchen, as well as several bars and seats for staff and comrades.