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Twitter: Stars in the US are testing new functions such as “Super Follows” and “Ticket Space”.

Funding so far Twitter Mostly by its advertisers. For example, these are tweets with product advertising for money in users’ timelines. But soon Twitter wants to tap into new revenue sources and launch a test United States.

Twitter stars with a large following can provide paid content in this test run. The online network announced on Tuesday that it has begun selecting U.S. applicants who want to make money with the help of new “Super Follows” or “Ticket Space” functions.

“Ticket breaks help you create unique and exclusive audio experiences that your audience will want to pay for,” said Ellen Howlisek and Esther Crawford, Twitter’s product division. It claims to be able to create a “direct relationship with your most loyal subscribers” through the “Super Follows” function, which will lead to a monthly income.

Selected Twitter celebrities at “Ticket Intervals” can sell virtual tickets for audio events for between $ 1 and $ 999. There should be exclusive content for subscriptions for three, five or ten dollars a month through “Super Follows”.

Available on Twitter starting at $ 50,000

Crawford and Howlisek explained that Twitter should not be a “fun place to interact with visitors”, it should become a place where “you can make money by engaging in conversations”.

Twitter wants to withhold three percent of revenue up to $ 50,000, and the company wants a 20 percent commission for higher revenue. Twitter wants to create new revenue opportunities with new offers that are to be tested first.

Team He had already outlined his plans this February It also promised to double its annual sales to $ 7.5 billion by the end of 2023. The number of daily users the service reaches with its advertising is expected to increase from 192 million to 315 million.

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