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Biden on US congressional elections: “Good day for democracy” and America

Biden on US congressional elections: “Good day for democracy” and America

“I’m ready to work with my Republican colleagues,” the 79-year-old said. “America’s future is too bright to be mired in endless political warfare.” Biden’s Democrats did surprisingly well in Tuesday’s midterm elections, preventing a landslide Republican victory.

Biden said the day after the election that the media and opinion leaders predicted a “huge red tide” as Republicans called for a landslide victory based on conservatives’ party color. “It didn’t happen.”

America: Congressional elections are fiercely contested

The “red tide” expected by the name of the color of Republicans did not materialize in the congressional elections in the United States. Democrats may even keep their slim majority in the Senate.

A veto threatens the abortion ban

Republicans are likely to take control of the House of Representatives. However, control of the Senate still depends on three open races. Biden reached out to his political opponent. “I’m ready to work with Republicans.” That applies no matter how the Congress elections end. “I think the American people have made it clear that they expect Republicans to be willing to work with me.”

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But Biden has said he will veto a national abortion ban and opposes tax cuts for the wealthy. Those are two policy proposals that Republicans could move forward with. After the G-20 summit, he will invite leading representatives from both Democrats and Republicans to the White House to discuss how to cooperate.

“No hurry”

Biden left open whether he would run for the White House again in 2024. In principle, he is targeting a new candidacy, Biden said at a White House press conference on Wednesday. But it is “ultimately a family decision”. The 79-year-old said he was “in no rush” to make a decision. He expects to commit early next year, after talks with his wife Jill.

Awaiting Trump’s ‘Biggest Announcement’

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, has recently made it clear that he aims to return to the White House and that he wants to run for president in two years. The Republican Party has promised a “very big announcement” next Tuesday.

Biden has repeatedly said he wants to prevent right-wing populists from returning to the White House. However, Biden is struggling with poor poll numbers and is already the oldest president in US history.

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