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Female Domination Nintendo Switch Platform (US)

Female Domination Nintendo Switch Platform (US)

A survey from the US shows that the majority of Nintendo Switch gamers are women. PS5 its “manier” than other platforms.

Circana’s latest data shows that women are using the platform Nintendo Switch dominate. In fact, half of Switch owners are women. Reaction to it: Some confused people react to this “revelation” very negatively and loudly.

Matt PiscatellaThe CEO and video game analyst at Circana (formerly NPD) recently tweeted about newly released data showing who buys and plays video games in the US.

First, Piscatella revealed that by 2023, according to Sargana’s PlayerPulse (a monthly study that tracks consumer opinion and engagement), more women will be gaming across all platforms. Specifically, 47% of console gamers, 50% of PC gamers, and 54% of mobile gamers are women. All three figures are up one percent each from the previous year.

The Nintendo Switch was mostly bought by women in the US

PS5 is at least feminine! Published on Piscatella Twitter (via data on how many women in the United States own certain video game consoles. According to Sargana’s monthly analysis and research, 41% of PS5 and 45% of Xbox Series X/S consoles are owned by women. What’s even more interesting is that more than half of Switch owners in the US — 52% — are women.

Reactions to the Twitter post included some nasty comments. User “AdamTRRollins” describes the situation perfectly: “I just wanted to comment on how awesome this data is and I’m totally baffled as to why so many guys here are pessimistic about this data for whatever reason. Lie.”

Playstation 5 – (C) THEM Girls seem to play very little

This may be due to comments such as: “A survey. No one takes surveys seriously because they are fundamentally flawed.

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Having trouble finding a partner?

Reactions to this (simple) data collection have been somewhat surprising. After all, many men in the comments say that they cannot find these “gamer girls” and therefore do not believe these statistics. If you look at some of these guys’ Twitter posts, you’ll see that their topics don’t necessarily appeal to women. But so be it.

According to some Twitter commenters, female gamers are being teased for playing mobile games and The Sims. Of course, you can rephrase that: FIFA players are not gamers. Or people who play Call of Duty don’t know what gaming is. And both groups are mostly men, so I don’t need any data collection for that.

Regardless of gender. Play whatever you want, wherever you want.