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Bieder & Maier among the top 10 airport cafes in the world » Leadersnet

Bieder & Maier among the top 10 airport cafes in the world » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| September 11, 2023

The restaurant in Terminal 3 in Schwechat has been shortlisted for the FAB Awards.

In the summer of 2022, Café Bieder & Maier opened its doors in Terminal 3 of Vienna Airport in Schwechat. Since then, passengers and airport staff have been provided with coffee creations in a boutique setting. Between an interior made of elegant materials such as dark wood, brass, marble, velvet and custom-designed Chinese wallpaper, guests are served not only Bieder & Maiers Vienna, Master and Organic Blends, but also traditional Viennese dishes with a modern twist.

This concept has also been convincing on the international stage, as shown by the recent nomination for the First Abu Dhabi Bank Awards. In the international competition, which focuses on food and beverage brands and their outlets, Bieder & Maier made it to the list of the top 10 airport cafes in the world.

A gastronomic concept with advertising power

Together with Niklas Schmidmayer, Alexander Hamersky, Valentin Siegelreithmeyer and Nikolas Pelinka, advertiser Rudi Kobza entered the coffee business with the brand last year. The brand’s coffee is also served in other restaurants in Vienna. The internationalization of this concept is being considered in the medium term.

“We are very pleased that our café at Vienna Airport has been chosen as one of the best airport cafés in the world,” said Kobza and Siegelreitmeyer. “This award underscores the international appeal of the brand, and we feel honored.”