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Bielachtal neighborhood encounter: a look back at 2022

Bielachtal neighborhood encounter: a look back at 2022

After years of restrictions, there is finally a media entertainment again for the Bialyachtal region.

Ober Grafendorf. Thomas Schauer looked proudly at 2022 in the Raiffeisenbank district of St. Polten. Not only that two lighthouse projects with Raiffeisen Corner and the Dunkelstein Consulting Center in Karlstetten have been realized and are already very popular with clients, but also the Economics for the Common Good certification and the re-audit and family fell into this difficult year. . “With a balance sheet of €1.86 billion, we are one of the largest independent cooperative banks in Austria under the management of Giebelkreuz and with the sustained over-financing of legal equity requirements, we secure the necessary economic room to maneuver in the future. The attractiveness of our offer is also underlined by our 1,147 members New people take advantage of the opportunity to express their opinion on the decision, but also want to enjoy many special services and regional shopping benefits,” said Shawer, pleased with the past year.

You stand for our regional promotion mission

Prok says. Markus Schikowitz-Hannabach on the institute’s funding mandate: “We are firmly rooted in our region, supporting our members throughout their lives, actively helping to shape the rural region with motivation and bringing new and innovative ideas”, “because this enables visions to become reality The Raiffeisenbank St. Polten region offers Many events and activities through its regional and local sponsorship. For example, we have been a long-term partner of the Culture Branch in Kirchberg, we support the purchase of traditional costumes by the Bischofstetten Music Association and we support many clubs.

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You are doing something for the environment

Raiffeisenbank leaves its ecological footprint in the region with several projects, be it the bee project, in which regional beekeepers are provided with beehives and queens for every 100 new members, or the “Aufbaumen” project, in which a seedling or tree equals its equivalent for each new account planted. Of course, many of Raiffeisen’s products already meet the requirements for sustainability and environmental compatibility, such as the Energy Saving Initiative, where members’ saved capital, earning higher interest, finances environmentally valuable projects in the region. The situation is similar with a green loan going into business. In addition, the demand for sustainable investment products from Raiffeisen Capital Management is constantly growing.

They behave socially following the model of FW RAIFFEISEN

Two projects close to our hearts are placed on the facade of the curtain: the Johannes Sassemann Social Fund for the Socially Disadvantaged, where donations have already been handed in, and the “We for the District” project, which deals with projects in a cooperative area that are particularly worthy of support and focus on the common good, the environment or sustainability It is accessible to the general public and has regional added value. Suggestions can be submitted at the Bank’s offices at any time.

They provide entertainment and communication

Two artists found each other. For 25 years, general practitioner Dr. Ronnie Tikal and his patient Norbert Peter have welcomed over a quarter of a million people from the doctor’s office alone and made the country healthier.

After all, laughter is the best medicine. But the fact that medicine is also a good thing to laugh about is something they’ve allowed time and time again to echo in many shows about doctors, patients, and the imperfect world of hospitals.