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Bietigheimer Leonardo Di Stefano Ruiz Boxes In The United States: Spanish boy wants to stir the world of boxing – more local sports

At the Summit Training Center in Big Bear Mountain, California, he is currently specializing in USA fights broadcast live on ESPN. He is backed by MBC coach Alexander Geyer, who has sided with him despite being an amateur.

Adventure in Tijuana

Di Stefano Ruiz fought his last three battles in the Mexican border town of Tijuana. Between February and May at the Big Punch arena he sent three local heroes Eric Evan Castro Oseguerra, Adon Caro Gutierrez and Fernando Silva to the boards one after the other. After Tijuana, Swabia’s co-expert came as a virgin to the baby: advertiser Luis Alberto Murattalla Olivas watched a video about him and invited him to Mexico. Accommodation is free, no money. “After a break of more than a year, I couldn’t bear it and wanted to box again,” says Di Stefano Ruiz, explaining why he traveled alone to one of the most dangerous cities in the world. At the beginning of the year – in the middle of epidemics. He was also a bodyguard at the site. “I heard gunshots and saw the dead,” Spaniard said of his experiences. “However, Mexico is very dear to my heart. I met many great men there.”

Although an amateur, he may have started internationally. Of his 88 fights, he lost only six. In 2016, he won the Montana Cup in Paris and had the opportunity to travel to the Olympic site in Heidelberg – to participate in the Summer Games in Rio for the German national team.

Fight style is very suitable for professionals

Eventually, however, de Stefano Ruiz decided on a career as a professional boxer – even on the advice of his Ludwigsburg MBC coaches, Kierre and Achim Bohme. The two found that his fighting style was more suited to the professional scene than the amateurs. But that is not the only reason. “Even as a little boy, I dreamed of becoming a professional boxer. Plus, I had to make money because my girlfriend and today’s wife were pregnant at the time, ”says Di Stefano Ruiz, who in between trained as a cutting machine operator. Whispered words in Vladimir Klitschko’s ear at the time also helped.

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