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After Gottschalk & his Karina – “Wetten, dass ..?” – USA – BZ Berlin wins

On stage he shows God, love you at home.

“Wheaton, toss ..?” (13.8 million viewers) After the huge success, Thomas Godzalk (71) received kisses and hugs from his partner Karina Mrose (59). As well as “400 cell phone SMS and 100 calls from friends and colleagues,” Entertainment told BILD.

“Despite this success, Thomas did not fly high. He is satisfied with himself and is happy to be able to entertain his audience. After breakfast he saw our itinerary for the United States,” exclaims his Kareena.

Saturday evening Thomas Kotschalk
Saturday evening Thomas Gotschalk “Wheaton, toss …?” Clarified (Photo: Daniel Kerman / DPA)

The couple will be flying to Gottschalk’s Sons over the weekend. Kareena says with a smile: “To me Thomas is a kind of incarnation. Heart, charm and brilliance and the best appraiser of Germany. As soon as we get to the hotel, he flips the switch, and immediately back to my Thomas. I am so proud that he is like that. That’s why I love him. “

Gottschalk has a new hairstyle from Sunday. “I really like short hair. She is beautiful and young, ”says Kareena.

After Sunday breakfast, Thomas the hairdresser cut his natural curls. He said: “Doing your hair is a lot of work.”

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What is his show suit now? She likes to wear dark red and gold dresses measured by “Dolce & Gabbana” (estimated: 15,000 euros) in Italy, “definitely in everyday life”.

Thomas: “My tax advisor once asked the tax office if I could deduct my platform cases from taxes. Answer: ‘No, Kotschalk will always wear striking items like this.’

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Entertainer: “I’ve been doing it ever since, every ‘Wheaton, toss ..?’ I’m wearing a suit. “