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Instagram tests ads in stores across the United States

TechCrunch reports that Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, is testing a new advertising feature in its Instagram stores. With “Ads in the Instagram Shop”, brands will be able to gain more access and additional advertising revenue for Facebook will probably go out.

Tests have already begun with selected partners in the United States, and this feature is set to be rolled out widely and in other regions in the coming months.

According to logical advertising

The stores on Instagram launched in May 2020, and its users Instagram-App Ensures a seamless shopping experience through corporate profiles. It was not well received by all users as it changed the functionality of the stores in the main menu of the application. But it seems logical that the Facebook group, which is dependent on advertising revenue, is still implementing advertising here as well. After all, brands can be trusted to increase their range among virtual store window advertising app buyers.

Companies can choose between single images and image ads for their ads and, like other Facebook ad formats, compete to insert into the auction model. How many application users are in the ad Convenience stores View should depend on both the usage habits of individual users and the number of buyers in the corresponding Instagram tab. According to the report, the company wants to track how users react to find a meaningful balance between visualized advertising and actual content.

Manageable startup

Testing for this feature began with a limited number of US subsidiaries covering some of the most popular types of Instagram. This includes luggage and accessories retailer Away and Rihanna’s Fendi Beauty. These advertisers should provide feedback, thus paving the way for a comprehensive release of this feature. The most accurate schedule is not yet known, but the advertising format will be available to companies outside the United States in the coming months.

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