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Foamstars: The new season called “Whip Hop” begins.

Foamstars: The new season called “Whip Hop” begins.

Foamstars' foam shooter has been available since February – and now new game content awaits you again in another season.

Square Enix gives the go-ahead for the upcoming season of its foam shooter Foamstars. Season 5 is now called “Whip Hop” and will begin tomorrow, Friday, June 21, 2024. The focus is also on the new player character, Billy Buck, but there is also other new content.

But let's stick with Billy Book for now: the newest character in the game is a melee specialist who harasses his opponents with microchips, fluff balls, and bouncing foam balls. Billi Bock is available as a reward for Season 31 in the associated pass and can also be activated immediately via the Premium Pass.

There is also a skill mixing party called “Extreme Party” which adds variety to the gameplay. All character abilities are distributed randomly, so you can then jump into battle with other Foamstars than the ones you've chosen. Then there's the “Doppelt Geoppelt Party”, where you can compete on a team with the same foam star.

In the new season finale there are two unlockable skins – a foam cannon skin for Soa and a character skin for Jet Justice. And: There are two limited-time seasonal events on the agenda: Ranked Party Lonestar for single players and Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe for teams.

Foamstars – Whip Hop Season Trailer

Foamstars foam shooter is entering its next season with a Whip Hop movie.

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