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Bing: Microsoft removes the queue for new AI features

Bing: Microsoft removes the queue for new AI features

The integration of AI-powered functionality into Microsoft’s Bing search engine removed another important hurdle. Three months after the group made this available to users for the first time on its search engine, it was no longer necessary to register for use on the waiting list. With the entry into the open preview phase, all users are now free to try out the new functionality. However, Microsoft’s own browser, Edge, is for use. If new AI features are to be experienced from another browser, a Microsoft account is currently required.

Microsoft uses GPT-4 developed by OpenAI as a model. Unlike ChatGPT, this can also handle newer information, i.e. after 2021. In addition to the fact that the AI ​​model is now also suitable for content search, Microsoft is expanding its vision for modern search. The company would like to make this more clear in general.

According to the company, research has shown that the human brain can process visual information about 60,000 times faster than text. Thus, visual tools for finding, creating, and understanding information will be extremely important. Therefore, Bing’s AI must be able to output information in the form of tables or graphics in addition to text.

Intertwining with Edge is essential. In the future, the chat history with the AI ​​will be saved in the browser. This allows users to review or even follow past sessions. It should also be possible to share it with other users. The AI ​​should receive more improvements when summarizing long texts. On the other hand, the new Edge Actions deepen the browser’s sidebar integration with the new Bing search. In the coming weeks, there will be other innovations that Microsoft wants to constantly expand on.

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