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This song turns off the alarm on Google phones – t3n – Digital Pioneers

This song turns off the alarm on Google phones – t3n – Digital Pioneers

This song turns off the alarm on Google phones – t3n – Digital Pioneers

Google Pixel 6. (Photo: t3n)

The song “Where’s My Brain?” The American alternative band The Pixies from 1988 caused a funny bug on today’s Google smartphones. Because of the special start, the alarms in Pixel phones go off in rows.

The song “Where’s My Mind”, released in 1988 on the debut album “Surfer Rosa”, is certainly the most famous song by the American alternative rock band The Pixies. The song was never released as a single.

Popular through cover appearances and movies

Numerous cover versions, for example by the bands Placebo and Nada Surf, as well as its use in movie soundtracks and advertising have contributed to its great popularity. Received “Where’s My Brain?” A surge in popularity when it was shown in the credits of the movie ‘Fight Club’.

Now the song is again causing a sensation around the world. This time the reason is a bug that automatically turns off the alarm set on Google Pixel smartphones.

Google Function: Stopping the call turns off the alarm

A few years ago, Google gave its devices a feature that allowed users to turn off an alarm or trigger a subsequent repetition of the alarm signal by shouting “off” and “snooze.” With the Pixel 6, the functionality also came to Google smartphones.

What does that have to do with “Where’s my brain?”? In the song, after a short vocal introduction, “Stop!” – Loud, clear and without any musical accompaniment. Only then does the song begin.

Shutdown only works without music

this is the problem. Because Google has built in a fuse clap alert turn off function. If there is background music, turning off or activating the snooze function will not work.

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I figured it out Reddit user, who was surprised that his alarm clock on his cell phone did not go off for days in the morning. Although he always activates it in the evening.

“where is my mind?” on the morning playlist

The solution: “Where is my brain?” It’s also found on his Spotify playlist, which also serves as a wake-up boost. And whenever this song is the first song played, the Pixel smartphone’s alarm will remain silent.

colleagues by Android Police I put it to the test. The Pixies song shuts down the alarm for them, too. Other songs that included the word “stop”, such as “U Can’t Touch This” by American rapper MC Hammer, did not silence the alarm.

Google will at least have the option to turn off the bug. Meanwhile, The Pixies have — with a wink — via Twitter Excused: “Sorry about that.”

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