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A few minutes ago, the first trailer for Dracula directed by Chris McKay starring Nicolas Cage was released (see trailer below).

Despite the curiosity of many movie fans about Cage’s interpretation, the Academy Award winner is not the main character. The hero of the film of the same name, Nicholas Hoult, who plays Renfield, plays Earl’s right-hand man. Renfield begins as a loyal servant who gradually grows weary of Dracula’s malevolent actions. When he falls in love with a woman, he begins to reconsider his toxic relationship with Count Dracula.

Renfield is directed by Chris McKay, who previously directed The Lego Batman Movie and its sequel. Based on an idea by The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman and penned by Rick and Morty writer Ryan Ridley, the script will be more (satirical) comedy than serious horror. The cast includes Holt, Cage, Ben Schwartz, Awkwafina, Adrian Martinez, Shohreh Aghdachloo, and Bess Ross.

Renfield is set to hit theaters on April 14, 2023.

Image source: Twitter

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