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Biontech offers 58,500 packs less the following week

Biontech offers 58,500 packs less the following week

More than 4.8 million vaccines against the Coronavirus have already been conducted in Austria. Manufacturer Biontech / Pfizer has now announced that it will provide 12 percent fewer cans in the following week. At calendar week 23, this means that a total of 58,500 doses are less than originally promised. “This is less than what is currently being vaccinated, on average, in one day in Austria,” the Ministry of Health said.


More than 4.8 million vaccines have already been administered

“The Ministry of Health is in contact with the European Union and the manufacturer. As the announced delivery quantities from Biontech / Pfizer may change in the coming weeks, the Ministry of Health will ensure the best possible distribution of existing vaccines. Total The Ministry of Health confirmed today, Friday, that the delivery quantities remain according to company information. The manufacturer is however unchanged, so these fluctuations will only be temporary.

In total, more than 6.5 million vaccine doses will be delivered to Austria by June 13th. The majority of this, 4,289,645, is attributed to Biontech / Pfizer. To that end, 1,428,600 cans of AstraZeneca should be in the country by then. According to the amount tentatively calculated, the manufacturer Moderna will receive 687,600 doses and from Janssen, where only one prick is required for a full immunization, 171,050 doses. By June 13, Austria should have received a total of 6,576,895 vaccination doses. The total number of cans is expected to reach seven million by the end of June.

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