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Birgit Sarata "Beautiful" birthday

Birgit Sarata “Beautiful” birthday

Peter Grossman, Yuri Revic, Birgit Sarata, Andy Lee Lange, Vincent Schirmacher | © Connie de Beauclair

The king came first, then the queen…

Prince Michael Ludwig of Vienna completed a veritable royal program on the evening of 27 June when, after receiving Dutch King William Alexander and Queen Maxima, he left his kingdom and headed to nearby Deutsche Wagram to meet operetta queen Birgit Sarata. Round birthday greetings. “Today I celebrate more than 41 AD”, The young singer shines in her bright, hand-embroidered, light blue voluminous dress.

As at a formal reception, the Jubilee must have climbed in a chariot pulled by Lippizaners. Due to the high temperatures and the insensitivity of horses, Sarata in a short time decided to drive up to Marchfelderhof in a white chariot (driven by an electric motor) and accompanied by the Emperor and the Royal Dragon, a Guardian Lady and 25 powerful squads.

The illustrious crowd of well-wishers released more than 41 white balloons into the sky of Marchfeld in her honor and Honorary Vice Consul Sarata took the opportunity to personally conduct a “Sarata Galopp”, which was composed especially for her.

Mayor Ludwig was surprised to introduce “Dear Augustin” and enjoyed with cathedral priest Tony Faber, Swiss house Collarex Hanne and Karl on their multi-course Christmas menu porcini panna cotta over a bowl of tomato, chili and ox cheeks. .

Especially for this evening, violin star YURI REVICH interrupted his concert tour and insisted on playing the magic violin Vivaldi. Likewise, Austria’s youngest Kammersänger VINCENT SCHIRRMACHER, who chanted the song, Nessun dorma from Puccini’s Turandot, so that not only did the Marchfelderhof chandeliers wiggle.

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“10 years ago I received a small field of asparagus for my birthday,” You remember Birgit. “Today I can look forward to 10 wine vines presented to me by young dynamic winemaker Katharina Baumgartner. with version: “I have to harvest the grapes myself every year, and only then do I get the wine ready”Sarata is already looking forward to the next harvest, exhausted.

A huge chocolate nougat and strawberry cake containing over 41 candles, which hosted Peter Grossman served alongside a “Happy Birthday” from Rock’n Roller ANDY LEE LANG.

The suspenseful Christmas Echo Prize choir, led by Tony Rey, with strong voices from stage directors Stephane Meraas and Sissy Buran, who let bread baker Doris Felbert, show star Gerda Rogers, Andrea Buchan, Clemence Trischler, Peter Scheider, and Judith Schimani celebrate the jubilee and look forward to the jubilee party Christmas is coming with the charming Birgit….