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UHC Eggenburg - handball player Gyetko: "Unlike sports, art without any rules"

UHC Eggenburg – handball player Gyetko: “Unlike sports, art without any rules”

Marietta Jetko is one of the top performing players at UHC Eggenburg. In 2018, the native Hungarian moved from Hypo Lower Austria to Waldviertel, completely settled here and, in addition to working as a player, is also active as a youth coach. But Gyetko is not only a good figure on the handball court, but also as an artist. She spoke to Nön about her second big passion.

What is the importance of art to you besides sports?

But art is not just a balance to sport, but to my whole daily life.” Marita Jetko, handball player and artist

Marietta Jetko: Art has always been a balance to me, which is what I’ve been striving to achieve on the side. It is now a big part of my life. Art has taken a higher position than I could have ever dreamed of. Unlike sports, art is without any rules. There are no limits to your creativity.

How can this be achieved?

Jetco: I have always been passionate about drawing, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time during my school days in sports boarding school to live that part of me. In recent years, I have often missed this hobby and began to experiment with paintings in the attic. Over time, friends, family, and strangers became acquainted with my art, and in the meantime I actually moved into my studio on Eggenburg’s main square.

What kind of art do you do specifically?

Jetco: By experimenting with different colours, materials and techniques, I developed my own way. This particular species is not very common worldwide and therefore does not have a definite name yet.

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Do you consider this activity as a balance to the sport?

Jetco: In any case. Art is not only a balance to sport, but to my whole daily life. I can process all the feelings or impressions I collect every day in sports or in everyday life into and through my photos and then transfer them to the painting.

To what extent do you do this?

Jetco: Because I work in so many fields, my time for art is somewhat limited. The range can vary from 15 to 30 hours per week.

Are you primarily doing delegated work, or are you doing it for yourself as well, for some sort of compilation?

Jetco: Generally I do both. At the moment, I am in the fortunate position that I have to defer some orders as I am preparing for my next exhibition. So far I have had three group exhibitions in Vienna, a solo exhibition in Eggenburg at the Culture Week “Alte Raume Junge Künste” and I am now represented in a major art magazine called “Spotlight Magazine”. In addition, my paintings are displayed on an international online art platform called “”. I also had the honor of designing the interior courtyard and two murals at a new sports medicine practice in Modling.