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Black History Month Lemonade: FM4 Cypher

Black History Month Lemonade: FM4 Cypher

Four rappers from Austria come together to celebrate their craft and Black History Month.

Throughout February, we're celebrating black history and the present on FM4. Dahlia's Late Night Lemonade celebrates Black History Month with “Cypher” featuring rappers Mile, NENDA, Evan Parks and Dr. Documents celebrate. The result is a showcase of young black talent in Austria.

Cypher is an integral part of hip-hop culture. Rappers come together to freestyle and show off their skills. For FM4 Cypher in Lemonade Studio, we have Mile (Mile & Flip and Sharktank), London-based Tyrolean NENDA, California's Evan Parks and newcomer Dr. The Docs were invited to rap together to the beat of producer Byrd.

The Graz rapper has been a rapper since his debut single “Apple Juice & Lemon Trees” nine years ago Miles It is difficult to imagine the world of Austrian music without him. Attentive FM4 listeners know him from his projects Mile & Flip (a hip-hop duo with Flip from Texta) and the trio Sharktank.

NindaThey hit us with their blow “mixed feelings” Four years ago, I recounted what it was like to grow up as a black woman in Ă–tztal in Tyrol. Ninda now lives in London, where she works as a musician, actress and film director, and played on festival stages in Austria last summer (e.g. Vienna Popfest and Ballbar Festival in Vorarlberg).

Evan Parks He moved from his native California to Klagenfurt to study classical music. Later, he came to Vienna, where he released his first mixtape entitled “Evan, Who?” last year. There are sunny and varied rhythms also suitable for RnB fans and precise delivery. Evan Park's debut album is scheduled to be released this year.

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doctor. the documents He impresses in his tracks with his voice and flow as well as his fun and clever lines. The Viennese newcomer releases eclectic tracks with experimental beats that combine consciousness with heavy bass.