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Netflix has the best Elias Mubarak movie, but almost no one knows about it

Netflix has the best Elias Mubarak movie, but almost no one knows about it

Since the resounding success of Fack ju Göhte’s films, Elias Mubarak has been one of the The biggest names in German cinema. As the impossible and beloved understudy Zaki Mueller, he has drawn millions of viewers into local cinemas, so that a part of the series is now in the works.

However, Mubarak not only convinces in mainstream comedy, but in recent years Approach serious roles, as in the case of The Collini. Unfortunately, one of his best performances has already become forgotten: in 2020 he starred in the Austrian Netflix film What We Wanted.

What we wanted with Elias Mubarak: the exact opposite of Fack ju Göhte on Netflix

What We Wanted tells the story of a couple who, at first glance, seem very happy. But the truth is different: Niklas (Elias Mubarak) and Alice (Lavinia Wilson) make out Unfulfilled desire to have children to accomplish. They tried it four times with technical fertilization. Every time they fail.

You can watch the trailer for What We Wanted here:

What We Wanted – Trailer (German) HD

He plays

A vacation in Sardinia should give you a new perspective on your life. But then everything gets worse: Ironically, at the vacation home next door, there’s a happy little girl A family with two children a. The already tense relationship between Niklas and Alice is subjected to the harshest test.

We have never seen Elias Mubarak so vulnerable and so strong in any other movie

Director Ulrike Kofler’s Phases wir Wollen was a calm and measured drama that gives us plenty of time to reflect on Explore the characters’ feelings. For Elias Mubarak, this is the perfect opportunity to show himself in a side we rarely see in films like Nightlife and Liebesdings and Co.

In What We Wanted, Mubarak replaces Zaki Mueller’s sarcasm, which can be used to cover up any weakness, with one touch weakness. Her acting is just as reserved as the movie’s presentation. A lot is said about looks that we really have to look at to understand them.

Unlike The Collini Case, where there’s always a larger story echoing meaningfully in the background, What We Wanted is purely character-driven. Without emotions on screen Despair becomes tangiblewhich pulsates deep within Nicholas until it erupts in devastating moments.

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