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O'Shea Glass wants more democracy education

O'Shea Glass wants more democracy education

Actress O'Shea Glass, 79, would like to see more political education in schools given the current problems. “Many people take democracy and our freedom for granted,” she told Stern magazine. “It should be clear in schools that we must constantly fight for these privileges, that they are fragile and can be broken at any time.” .

Glass spoke of a Jewish woman who cried because she no longer dared to go out into the street with the Star of David. “Yes, where have we come? We cannot accept that this brown soup is still on the minds of so many people.” The actress stressed that it is pleasing “that hundreds of thousands of the middle class are now taking to the streets and taking a stand.”

It is a problem that many people only consume news “in their own information bubbles.” “In online forums, controlled by algorithms that no longer give people other opinions, but only reinforce their own.”

When she promoted vaccination during the coronavirus pandemic, she encountered a whole new form of aggression: “Someone sits in front of their computer and thinks: 'I'm going to write to that stupid O'Shea Glass that it's on the wall.'” “What's wrong with people like that?” “They must be quite poisoned. This was not the case even at the tables of the roughest guests.”

Glass, who turns 80 next Saturday (March 2), has been one of the most famous actresses in Austria and Germany for decades. Her book Never Was My Love was published on her special birthday. The title is a reference to one of Glass's most famous films, “Get to the Point, Baby.”

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Glass has also been socially involved for a long time. She founded an organization that enables children who do not get a proper breakfast at home to eat school breakfast.