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BMW iX can change its color

BMW iX can change its color

How do the microcapsules reach the surface of the car? For this purpose, ePaper foil is precisely cut, and then placed on the body. After applying the film strips and connecting to the power supply, the entire body is heated and sealed in order to ensure uniform color rendering over the entire body with each switching. “In the future, digital experiences will not only happen on displays. With iX Flow we bring the body back to life,” explains Weber, Head of Development at BMW.

The show car can switch from black to white, but other colors can also be visualized, explains project manager, Stella Clark. Technology aims to open up entirely new possibilities for changing the appearance of the car, and Stella Clark sees other “messages”: the car, like fashion or status ads on social media channels, becomes an ambassador for different moods and everyday situations in life. “Otherwise you can take advantage of switching from black to white, for example to reduce the heat in a black car parked in the sun by simply changing it to white. In contrast, a darker car absorbs more heat from sunlight at lower temperatures.

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