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BMW updates the 3 Series for summer – dpa

BMW He grazes his most important horse in the stable and sells a 3er spur of the summer. The manufacturer has announced that the limousine and touring will receive subtle revisions to the front and rear as well as an all-new cockpit in July. The equipment has also been updated.

The notchback starts at 43,900 euros, and the Touring station wagon on the list starts at 45,000 euros.

New flat kidney headlights

The Series 3 gets a newly designed kidney on the radiator. However, it is still much smaller than current BMW premieres such as the 7 Series or X7. There are also flat headlights and a rear apron with more painted surfaces.

Customers will find the most obvious change in the interior: a self-contained curved screen, already known from the i4 and iX, now also replaces the classic cockpit of the series. It also gets the latest operating system, which according to the manufacturer should allow for better voice control, more individual display modes and at the same time more information and help.

At the same time, the standard equipment is complemented by three-zone automatic air conditioning and navigation, among other things.

Fine tuning for a wide range of motors

On the other hand, under the hood, there is only fine tuning of the manifold range. BMW promises three different configurations with plug-in hybrids in the sedan and up to four in the Touring. There are also four gasoline and diesel engines with four or six cylinders. The latter is available on M-Performance Sport models and on the 330d. All are now paired with an eight-speed automatic.

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The power ranges from 110 kW / 150 hp to 275 kW / 374 hp, and, depending on the manufacturer, consumption values ​​\u200b\u200bfrom 1.8 to 8.7 liters. This corresponds to CO2 emissions from 40 to 198 g / km.