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Eurofighter Shell trial has been postponed

Eurofighter Shell trial has been postponed

The trial of London mailbox company City Chambers continued in the Vienna Regional Court on Wednesday.

The two defendants, who are said to be involved in the €8m EADS exemption, have not commented on the allegations. A former EADS director is questioned as a witness who essentially acquitted the main defendant, a 75-year-old retired management consultant and lobbyist.

The summons of two other witnesses – including former Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser – has been postponed again. The jury made the prosecutor’s requests for evidence. The main session continues on June 29th.

The proceedings in question relate to events that occurred in the years 2003 to 2009. A representative of EADS Deutschland GmbH (EADS-D) is said to have entered into a false contract for allegedly consulting services with City Chambers Limited in London with the aim of enriching himself, on the basis of which €7,995,490.58 was paid exactly. However, from the point of view of the Attorney General’s Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA), there were no considerations in return.

Instead, the money is said to have flowed in on the basis of incorrect activity reports. Because the defendants—at the time they were both lobbyists—are said to have secured the fictitious contract with letterbox and subsequently created fake reports of alleged advisory activities by City Chambers for EADS-D and sent the interview. Invoices.

EADS Administrator does not agree

However, the EADS Director in charge of Central and Eastern Europe at the time disputed this under a duty of truth. He said as a witness that the main accused “is interesting with his knowledge and ability to convey political matters, especially to the Freedom Party, and especially to Carinthia to (then, note) Governor Hyder”.

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Haider initially positioned himself particularly against the Eurofighter acquisition. “The then governor of Carinthia was able to change his mind very quickly,” said the former manager. The political scene in Austria was “extremely turbulent” at the time, and the 75-year-old’s advisory services were even more important because of this: “He was very active and reliable.” The principal defendant’s work was “to the fullest” and “without a doubt its value.”

Regarding the payments made by the EADS Group for this – as well as the multi-million dollar success bonus for the Eurofighter contract, an additional net of €15,000 per month for four years – the witness referred to the EADS business unit. He was not concerned with the financial aspect. “There is a legal department. They thought of something when the contract was made. But I don’t know what,” he asserted. In any case, the 75-year-old made a “significant contribution” to “enabling contract signing”.

Large amounts are not unusual

The former director of EADS responded in the negative to the relevant question from the responsible judge whether the amounts paid were not exceptionally high. He stressed that “higher amounts are being paid.” The fact that the 75-year-old’s reports were mainly oral wasn’t unusual either. The French intelligence made a recommendation in this direction.

In addition to infidelity, the defendants — as well as the 75-year-old and 58-year-old real estate consultant — are also accused of providing false evidence. It is said that you have provided incorrect information on the record as a person providing information before a Eurofighter Investigative Committee or during cross-examination of witnesses in an investigation by the Public Prosecutor. They deny all allegations and exercise their right to remain silent during the trial. Her lawyers argue that the allegations date back twenty years and are prohibited by law. At the beginning of May, the 75-year-old also stated that he was in poor health and could not remember.

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