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Board games, cards and lots of fun at the Games Festival

Board games, cards and lots of fun at the Games Festival

Get ready on the boards! This week you can play at more than 70 tables at the Games Festival at the Donauzentrum in Vienna. This is good news for all those who desperately miss the Games Festival in Austria Center – it will only take place next year and at an unusual time – namely from 14 to 16 June 2024.

From Thursday, November 2nd to Saturday, November 4th, the slogan at the nearby shopping center is: “Come play with us!” All with free entry. New products such as the “Game of Games” 2023 Café del Gatto can be experienced as well as classics – such as the card game Wizzard. Visitors are also allowed to borrow digital games and have them explained to them – when necessary – by specialists.

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There is sure to be something for everyone: for younger kids as well as true game nerds. Pros can, for example, try out “Merchants Cove,” the expert hit of 2023 — a challenge even for experienced, frequent players. Anyone who needs help can get it from promoters who explain the rules.

Giant puzzle

Many of these promoters come from publishers who send gaming professionals to the mall. For example, if you like small pieces, the Ravensburger platform is the right place for you: Everyone can participate in the Big Puzzle Contest, where a puzzle of 32,000 pieces will be made by all visitors: The collage must be six by two It will end up being a meter in size .

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Anyone who wants to know how games are designed and why the jury… Austrian Games Academy Awards in various categories, you should watch the Austrian Games Awards 2023 ceremony on Friday at 3 pm.

Pia Limberger, from Thalia Library, which is organizing the festival, hopes that “everyone who comes will enjoy playing together. So we want to set up lots of tables and not small booths so everyone can move together.”

Birthday gift

However, the date of the event is not a bad choice: both Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas are just around the corner. And you can test suitable gifts there. For example, the hit game Family 2023: In “80 Days” from Austrian publishing house Piatnik, players simulate the legendary Phileas Fog as he makes his way from London around the world via a variety of routes. After five stages, the winner is not whoever reaches London first, but whoever manages to complete the most rewarding adventures along the way.

Children ages 4 and up can try the “Beethupferl” – an exciting natural experiment that promises a bountiful harvest and perhaps a lot of fun.

If you value the environment, we recommend the game “Atiwa” (Games Hits Trend 2023): players take on the role of farmers in Ghana, combining, as much as possible, the needs of the population with a sustainable economy. Time on the board flies by. content.