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Human Rights Symposium: The movie Nelly and Nadine

Human Rights Symposium: The movie Nelly and Nadine

Berg District/Upper Austria. This year the 7th International Human Rights Symposium (9-12 November) will again include a large number of interesting events, workshops and lectures. The movie “Nelly and Nadine” is scheduled to be shown in various cinemas across the country starting November 3. The documentary highlights the life stories of two women who survived the horror of a concentration camp and whose love withstood all odds and obstacles.

On a specially created site Human rights symposium You can get an overview of many events and register instantly. First-class participants such as Maria Hofstadter, Fritz Deitelbacher, and Beatrix Neudlinger were recruited.

The poignant documentary “Nelly and Nadine”, which traces the relationship between two women who met and fell in love in 1944 amid the horror of a concentration camp, will be screened on the occasion of the Human Rights Symposium on November 3.

Show times: November 3: 6pm Lenzing Cinema, 8pm Wells Cinema, 8pm Green Cinema; November 4: 6pm Steyr Cinema, 8pm Linz Cinema; November 5: 6 pm Katzdorf Cinema, 8 pm Freistadt Cinema. In addition to Greene, director Magnus Gjerten is also present at all screenings and is available for discussion afterwards.

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