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dEUS: More than solid –

dEUS: More than solid –

Probably one of the most famous indie bands in Belgium: dEUS. After more than a decade, “How to replace it” Another album taking them live to the Posthof in Linz was released on Friday. A more than solid evening of music with a few short lengths.

About 400 visitors gathered last Friday at Posthof Linz to watch the guest performance of Belgian independent veterans dEUS live. In their homeland, they have long been known outside the boundaries of the genre, but in this country, the band founded in 1989 (!) is still, or again, working under the label “For Lovers”. In the most positive sense of all, but first things first.

Sympathetic support

Linked tour support is also worth mentioning. Singer, songwriter and tour goods seller Noonzy opened the evening. And he did it with complete compassion. With a small tribute to ‘Spider Monkeys’ and the hope of achieving higher streaming numbers outside India, the Belgian looked very composed and not afraid to connect. Truly more than praiseworthy applause.

Deuce: Finally he’s back again

For a long time it was relatively quiet around Tom Barman & Co., known as dEUS. This combo has been making music together since 1989, and outside of that, the members and former members of dEUS are also more than active. Maybe that’s why there was a decade-long break until the successor to “Following Sea” was released with “How To Replace It.” It quickly becomes clear during the two-hour concert at the end: this sound and this production were made for big theatres. Sometimes loud, sometimes fun, sometimes indie, sometimes rock. Frontman Tom Barman and Co. are similarly motivated on stage, even if the spark doesn’t quite jump at first. With “The Architect” the audience and band faded noticeably for the first time.

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What follows: Two hours of entertainment with dEUS, with relatively little missing from the setlist. With ‘1989’, ‘Man Of The House’ and lead single ‘How To Replace It’ first and ‘Pirates’ the new album also does it justice. “Nothing Really Ends” at the end is a must-play of course, just like “WCS” from debut album “Worst Case Scenario”. A very solid concert, although there are some lengths in the two-hour setlist. Even among the audience, dEUS fans were probably more than satisfied. Everyone is invited to discover the band so it doesn’t take another ten years until the next record!

the pictures: Christoph Leib