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Body language expert: Meghan's Invictus Games gesture 'annoyed' Harry

Body language expert: Meghan’s Invictus Games gesture ‘annoyed’ Harry

Body language expert: Meghan “kicked” Harry

body language expert Judy James, who has analyzed the Sussex family’s recent appearance, claims to have noticed Prince Harry had been overwhelmed by Meghan’s declaration of love. The Duchess stepped up the first stage at the event to announce Harry, and when Harry took the microphone from his wife, he appeared on the verge of tears, James told UK Mirror.

Meghan hailed her “wonderful husband” before kissing him at the opening ceremony. The body language expert claims that this gesture “knocked Harry off the right track”. The Duke of Sussex seemed “upset” for a moment, says the body language reader.

“While Harry and Meghan go through the microphone, they also perform a kiss that would have been natural in the political world but royally groundbreaking. It’s affectionate but quick, and they both smile proudly as they perform.” James scene. “The problem for Harry is that he seems to be knocking him down emotionally. As he watches his wife leave the stage, he stands for 30 seconds in what appears to be stunned silence as the audience continues to applaud.”

At one point the prince seemed to be shedding tears. “He turns his reddened face to the side and wipes the bridge of his nose with his knuckles, as if trying to protect his facial expression.”

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