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Wiese mit Menschen bei OSKA-Konzert, im Hintergrund Berge

OSKA on a private tour of Austria

We met in a garden under a tree, on a chicken farm under a mountain, in a restaurant by a pool, and shed tears of joy.


“I haven’t done it in a long time, it’s so beautiful, and I like it so much!” OSKA says right after the first concert of the Special Sessions Tour across Austria. It is a pleasure to play in an intimate circle, because the last time she did it on the street while studying in Vienna. “I can look everyone in the eye while playing,” OSKA continues happily. Tears of joy appear in the eyes of fans in Eisenstadt, Tirol and Salzburg. Each station speaks of great feelings, goosebumps, and a beautiful, friendly experience.

First stop in Eisenstadt with Daniel

We met in a park. Not only probably, but definitely under a tree – with Daniel in Eisenstadt. Big things happen in Austria’s smallest regional capital: a special FM4 session with OSKA! And the guests? In addition to the many pals and friends of host Daniel, 11-week-old Ylvie is also around – a good start to life when OSKA’s charming voice relays the first party you’ll hear.

Host Daniel is a police officer and even grabbed a spray can for OSKA for the first time and sprayed the lines “If I can be anything I want to be, I just want to be, I want to be okay” on a banner. Daniel also saved FM4 on all the radios in the company’s cars, and after the party at the latest, it was clear that there were now a few Eisenstadt cops who were happy when OSKA’s music was on the radio.

Second stop on the Tyrolean farm with Harald and Maria

In the nature reserve in Going am Wilden Kaiser, OSKA “jumped” a chicken (called a Kiki) for the first time, hits a black-nosed sheep (named Fanny) and immediately says, “Today is my best day of the year.” This is exactly what people do in sessions: you arrive at places, meet fun people and lovable animals. Especially with Harald and Maria, everything is just fine: they host OSKA on a farm with three different kinds of homemade cake, a postcard Tyrolean jigsaw and retired chicken, a black-nosed sheep that loves to graze, a frog, and a snake, says Maria: Colorful flower quail meadow in which “insects make beautiful music”.

With Wilder Kaiser crowned in the back, OSKA plays a special session that leaves no eye drying. In a sea of ​​tears, she automatically spouts a kids’ song about a worm and as cheesy as it sounds, even the little ones forget about Furby, ice cream, and toys when OSKA sings about a scared worm. Then, just a swampy snuggle close to Schwarzsey helps put all the feelings to bed.

OSKA on tour:

July 21, 2022 – Finkenstein, castle ruins
07/22/2022 – Rock im Dorf . Festival
07/23/2022 – Woodstockenboi Fstvl
08/11/2022 – Billiard Bar Festival

over here You can find more appointments

Third stop at the outdoor pool directly under the mountain in Sarah

After a few mountains we meander in the hot sun to Steinberg in Leogang. It’s Sarah’s restaurant, separated only from the great Steinberg by an outdoor pool. And between the ice cream, wet swim trunks, and crunchy pool fries, it’s the sound of OSKA that makes a perfect Sunday for many visitors.
“I love fries—especially rosemary potatoes,” OSKA is excited about the site and rosemary at her feet. Not only was the crew surrounding Sarah, but the many swimmers cuddled up on beach chairs in the fries waiting area in front of OSKA and dreamily listened to the concert on the balcony. Sarah has never won anything, and two wishes came true this Sunday: OSKA plays on her balcony, and then right at the beginning Sarah’s favorite song “Starstruck.” A very summery end to a tour that can only be met by a vacation in Italy in secluded coves.

We wish OSKA a good time and we’ll share Twinnie with her again anytime – even rosemary potatoes!

It continues…

The next FM4 special sessions will be held in September with the OEHL. More information soon over here.