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Bolt returns to the United States as future president

Baltl is bidding farewell to the United States two months later
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Jacob Baltl will play an even bigger role in his sixth NBA season, fourth with the San Antonio Spurs. The Texans not only gave the Chicago Bulls a high-scoring Dimer Droson over the past few weeks, but also allowed other players to go with Patty Mills and Rudy Kay. It is up to Pöltl to fill the gap. The Viennese, who return to the United States on Thursday after nearly two months, know this.

“We have lost some of our leading players – the best actors in the dressing room and on the field. The next generation should go even higher now,” Baldell told the APA – Austria Press Agency. Players like Dijonde Murray, Derrick White or he will capture the team. “We need to take another step to lead a team as a leader.”

Baltl compared the situation with the second and final year of college in Utah (2015/16) when he rose to become the team leader and suddenly became more focused. No special preparation is required for this. “It just happens naturally.” The 25-year-old, who has been noted as a strong defender in the North American Professional Basketball League, believes his point average will rise as well.

Last season, the center scored 8.6 points, 7.9 rebounds and 1.8 volumes per game, but after being elevated to the opening level in February, it already averaged double-digit points. “There were already starts last year, but I hope it happens more and more now,” Baldell said of his role as a scorer. The coaches told him to take it to the next level – after all, some points need to be redistributed. At Deroson it was 21.6 per game.

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Bolt will have his first NBA year without the 32-year-old, with whom he already played in Toronto and transferred to Texas in 2018. “It would be weird and weird to play a season without Dimar,” Auster said. In recent years he has had a better understanding of his game. Mills (now Brooklyn Nets) and Kay (now Utah Jazz) will also leave a big gap, both of the team’s “emotional leaders,” according to Baltlin.

Young Spurs’ expectations have fallen without the trio. The five-time champion starts the season starting Oct. 19 as an outsider. “The good thing is, we can go relatively without pressure,” Baldell explained. “I still believe in what we need to play in a play-off or play-in match.” Takes time to practice. “When you lose so many important roles, you have to find yourself back a little bit as a team.”

Bolt has been tied with Spurs for two more years. Playmaker Murray emerges as head of Texans, with whom he trained and spoke seriously before staying in Europe. Baltl wants to create a powerful pair of 24-year-olds. Team training in San Antonio begins at the end of September. Baltl flies from Vienna to Las Vegas on Thursday morning. After a few days of training on the edges of the Summer League, you will move on to Los Angeles for personal preparation.

The lockers there caused a stir in the summer with the signature of Russell Westbrook. Their success depends on how the Californians can “integrate another ball-dominating superstar into the team.” Brooklyn nets on paper are the top favorites for the topic. Teams from defending champions Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta and the Phoenix should not be overlooked.

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